Saturday, March 5, 2011

What An Experience

The other day (February 28) I went to the BYU Testing Center to take my New Testament test. I got off work an hour early, so I would have enough time to do a good job (the test was supposed to take about 2 hours). When I got to the Grant Building, I was in shock to see the line.....going out the FRONT door. The line has never been that long, even during finals week. So I randomly make the comment, "I think this is the longest line I have ever been in." When to my surprise, I guy behind me begins to talk with me about the whole situation. Throughout our wait in line, this guy and I talked for the whole 45 minutes (like I said, looooonnnng line). His name is Matt, and he is from Draper, Utah, a senior majoring in nutritional science, who is applying for medical school, and who is a returned missionary who served in Tennessee. Matt also worked with WIC, which I thought was pretty neat and interesting. He was so sweet, reassuring me about my test (he was pretty confident about his test, a nutrition test), curious about who I was, and telling me about his strong connection with his family (his nine older siblings and about his great twenty-four nieces and nephews) and asking me about my family. Suddenly, he whips out his phone, right before going in to check out our tests (making it in about 10 minutes before they stop handing out tests), and I think, "This is it! He is going to ask me for my phone number!" But to my disappointment, he simply turns off his phone and returns it to his pocket. Matt wishes me good luck on my test, and I think to myself, "Well, I most likely will never see him again...."

Two days later, I return home from work, when once again to my surprise, a turn of events is in store. I check my Facebook to see a friend request from a Matt Witzel. I'll admit, I began to freak out. Not only did this guy Facebook stalk me, but he had enough courage to admit it, by adding me as a friend. Better yet, he seems to be selective in who he adds as a friend and is not addicted to the virtual world that is Facebook (the last thing he did on Facebook was two months ago). Still waiting to see what happens, but I guess we will see. :)

Just to add on to how funny the universe has been lately, I will share a last tidbit. Sometimes, when I am bored, I will look at random Daily Universe articles. I had an interesting one on food myths opened up for the past two days, that I just had not had time to read. I read it this morning, only to find that the student comment is from who....Matt Witzel.

BYU professionals and students debunk common food myths |

Life is funny, isn't it?

(Heather Lewis, I dedicate this blog post to you) :)

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Heather said...

Thanks You!! You will be so happy that you write in your blog every 3 years! Go Facebook stalking!