Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What Would You Do?

Okay, quick question. If you were going to take a shower, and the curtain to one of the showers was closed, would you rip it open?

Apparently, for some, the answer is yes. I am getting ready to take a shower, when suddenly my curtain is flying open. Yeah, a little AWKWARD. The thing I don't understand is the fact that there were three, count them THREE, showers with the curtains open. Why would you go to the one that was shut?! Seriously people!

My advice: If there is a shower that has a closed curtain but seems unoccupied, you might try asking if someone is in there. You may be just talking to a curtain, but that seems a little less awkward than walking in on someone taking a shower. But it's your choice.

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Morsbach Manor said...

Ashley, I love your post, thanks for sharing all your fun and beautiful pictures and stories.