Saturday, March 26, 2011

Festival of Colors 2011

I went to Festival of Colors with Matt this year (forgive my windblown hair). We went with his brother Tyler and Tyler's wife, Mari.
Waiting for the shuttle to come pick us up.
The official "before" picture of the four of us.
A close up of me and Matt. Just look at his smile. :)
The Temple
Almost there!
At the top of the muddy hill...covered with people.
I think Mari just got hit with some more color right here. We all made a similar facial expression at least once or twice while we were there.
Happy and partially colored, the coloring mostly thanks to Tyler.
Purple face thanks to a random guy coming up to me and telling me to close my eyes. The group decided that I looked like an avatar, haha.
Mari and Tyler
Quite a few people attempted to crowd surf or ride on someone's shoulders. Our group witnessed two people get hurt crowd surfing....none of us attempted it (although I think Tyler wanted to).
Matt and me after our group's throwing of pink color at each other (and perhaps a few other people) :)
The official "after" picture
We had an awesome time! Tyler and Mari were so nice. Sadly, my hair took to this event a little too well. A piece of it was dyed pink for a few days. Thankfully, it was where no one could see it that well! :)


Heather said...

So pretty! Way to blog...tears of joy! Matt is cute!

jEnNiE sTePhEnS said...

ASHLEY GIRL!! I guess I had to scroll down to SEE what I mean WHO is making you so happy! WHAT A CUTIE PIE!!! You look SOOOOOOOO happy! Makes me feel really old!! I remember when you were a little wee girl. Am I really in my 30s now? You are supposed to be 11....

Ashley said...

He is handsome, isn't he? ;) Thanks Heather and Jennie! Matt really has made me so happy. :) lol, you are not old. Don't ever think that. I know what you mean though, time definitely does seem to fly by at a faster rate than it used to.