Wednesday, July 20, 2011

HARRY POTTER! - Harry Potter Marathon, Harry Potter Movie, and Harry Potter Fest

In celebration of the new Harry Potter movie, I held six Harry Potter parties to watch the previous movies (one night was a double feature).  It was a lot of fun, and each night, we had a great turnout.  For the last night, I wanted to do something special.  We watched the first part of the seventh movie (with the second part coming out that night at midnight).  I decided to make some homemade root beer, which everyone loved (thank goodness, since it had been my first time making it).  I was also going to make some wands (a.k.a. chocolate covered pretzels).

I had to move the party up, so people would be able to come and then get good seats at the premiere.  Jason and Heather came to the rescue and made some amazing chocolate and caramel dipped pretzels.  Jason even decorated them with a white chocolate scar and HP7.  Thank you Jason and Heather!  You two are the BEST!

Don't they look good!  They were delicious, and everyone enjoyed them!

After the party, Sarah and I headed off to the theater.  The movie was amazing!  They wrapped up the series nicely.  There were a few parts that were not my favorite, but that was to be expected.  Overall, the show was absolutely magical (pun intended).

My friend Bryan had been trying to make it to the movie for a few days, but his groups kept falling through.  So then on Monday, the 18th, I set off to apartments to invite people to come to the movie.  We got a group of ten and went to the movie again.  We had a great time, and the movie was just as amazing the second time around!  (I just hope I get reimbursed for those tickets I bought...eventually.)

Tonight, I am going to the Harry Potter Fest which is being put on by the BYU Student Activities Board.  There is supposed to be muggle quidditch, butter beer, etc.  It should be a lot of fun!

You may be thinking that I am obsessed with Harry Potter.  I would not say that I am obsessed, but I do love it (Who wouldn't?  It is an amazing story!).  But my life is not all Harry Potter right now.  After the Harry Potter Fest, I am going to go hiking Rock Canyon with some friends.  Then, it is off to New Mexico for the Lewis Family Reunion in the morning! :)

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