Monday, June 30, 2008

Girls' Camp

This summer, from June 24-June 27, 2008, I attended what was probably my last Girls' Camp for Young Womens. I was a Secret Sister Coordinator (fancy title I know) and a Stake Youth Leader.

The week before camp, Tori and I went shopping for all of the secret sister supplies. Then during Aberdeen Days, we worked on getting everything together. We got baskets for each girl and leader to receive their gifts from their "secret sisters". My awesome sister-in-law Heather helped by arranging the names in a cute fashion on the basket.

my secret sister basket

We also had a cute little gift for the girls each day, so we created some tags for the items which are shown below. Day 1 was a water bottle. Day 2 was a loofah. Day 3 was scented bubbles in an ice cream container. And day 4 was now and later candy.

One of my favorite activites at camp is called "Solo Experience". For scripture study one morning, you go out in nature and read scriptures on a certain topic and write down your feelings and your testimony. This year the topic was "I Draw Closer to Christ".

Another amazing activity was our spiritual growth bracelet activity. The wooden bead and the shell bead are to remind you of Christ, and these were given to us by the Stake President for memorizing the scripture for the youth theme "Steadfast and Immoveable" or for memorizing the song "How Firm a Foundation". I memorized the scripture. Then we went around to different speakers who taught about a value that we need to develop to come closer to Christ. This speakers were really powerful and you could feel the Spirit strongly throughout the evening.

Now, I had to post this, just because it made me feel so good. We each had a poster hung up in the cabin, where the other girls in the ward could go a write something that they noticed about you. It was fun to write the comments, and it was neat to hear so many nice things.

For being a Stake Youth Leader, at the end of camp, I was presented with this beautiful journal to remind me to be steadfast and immoveable.

One of the last nights at camp, we had an award presentation. Each girl gets an award that is unique to them and they are presented with a cute little gift.

I was given the "most dependable camper" award, and a little toy watch.

Then, Tori and I were surprised with another award. For putting in all of the work that we did, we were given the "secret sister superstar" awards. That was really neat. We were also given a lip gloss in the shape of an ice cream cone (ironic since one of the gifts that we gave was also shaped like an ice cream cone).

Camp this year was an amazing experience. I have been in so many different situations this summer, getting to know different people. It was neat to have this opportunity to get to know the girls in my new ward a little bit better. I have always loved girls' camp, and this year was no exception.

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Heather said...

It was totally fun helping you get ready for camp. I am so happy that you had a great time and felt the spirit. Also, great job on the awards!